• Uncomplicated and straightforward
  • Small steps to begin with, leading up to a grand finale
  • Build your applications with high confidence and trust
  • Connect with others who share your views and ambitions for support and inspiration
  • The CrossmarX Application Platform enables you and your customers to grow your business


  • Maximize your opportunities for success

    Take advantage of the step by step procedures to build your application and apply new insights on the fly
  • Low code effort and more time to be creative

    Invest your valuable time in modeling and less in software development. Emphasize user functionality over technical issues.
  • Clear development process

    The relevant application components are accessible and available to all stakeholders.
  • Customer centric process

    No wasted effort on technology issues. Jointly develop the ideal application together with your customer and expand your market.
  • Choose the collaboration that works for you

    Take charge of your work. Engage your customer in development efforts. Leverage experts and partners in the CrossmarX network. Or take advantage of CrossmarX's expertise and resources to accelerate your deliverables.
  • 3 times winner of RAD Race

    Join our world and become a low code champion. Rapid Application Development on the highest level.


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